Customer Care

Carpet Care Tips

Washing the carpets in professional centres:

Washing your carpet by an unprofessional person or in an unprofessional centre is the principle cause of damage.  Not following the rules for washing handwoven carpets can cause permanent damage to your carpet. Do not wash your carpet at home. Depending on the traffic volume on your carpet, wash it every 2 to 4 years.

Rotating the rug:

If your carpet is in a high traffic area or in a place where traffic is evenly on the entire carpet, rotate it 180 degree once a year. Doing this ensures that your carpet gets wear in a balanced way and that it will always preserve its looks.

Vacuum cleaning:

Depending on the traffic on your carpet, vacuum it at least once every 2 weeks. Accumulating dust particles between the warp and weft of the carpet accelerate the wear process. Try not to walk on the carpet with shoes on. Vacuum the back of the carpet for 10 to 15 min once a year and then vacuum the front again.

Address spills:

Try to pick any food or wipe any beverage spilled on the rug without rubbing it in. After that wash the spillage area with soda and send the rug to a washing centre as soon as it is dry. Please notice never lay a wet carpet on the floor.

Using Carpet Pads:

By using carpet pads, your carpet will not wrinkle on the floor and creates a gap between the carpet and the floor, helping to absorb footfall and pressure from furniture legs, thus increasing your carpet’s lifetime. Based on research pile on carpets without padding are prone to 10% faster damage. In rooms equipped with underfloor heating systems, the heat that rises from the floor will decrease a carpet’s lifetime. Using the rug pad in these rooms will reduce this damage.

If you decide not to use the carpet for a long time, the best storage method is rolling it. Place the rolled rug horizontally in a dry place where there is good air flow and without putting anything heavy on it. Every 3 month lay the rug on the floor for 24 hours and then roll it up again. If due to lack of space you have to fold the carpet we advise you to place it in the packing box it came in.