Customer Care


Ashkiyoun guarantee their works of woven art for 20 years from the production date against the following:

1- Fading of colours due to sunlight, wear, humidity or any other colour damage in normal weather conditions.

2- Deformation of rug caused by damage to the warp, weft or knots.

3- Rug wear and loss of pile.

4- Rug deterioration or rotting in normal weather conditions.


Conditions of Cover:

Guarantee will become void if damage is caused by any of the following:

1- Washing the rug at home or at any unprofessional centres.

2- Placing or moving heavy or sharp furniture on the carpet, especially in the case of silk carpets.

3- Using the carpets in public places or in heavy foot-traffic areas.

4- Using the carpets in a high humidity environment.

5- Storing the carpet folded under pressure for more than 3 months.

6- Damage to the carpet by pets like cats, dogs, hamsters, etc.

7- Burning the carpets with a direct or indirect flame or any hot objects such as charcoal, matches, cigarette, iron, etc.

8- Damage to the carpets due to spillage of any kind of chemical materials, such as glue, acids, candle and food or beverages.

9- Leaving the carpets outdoors or under direct sunlight for a long time.