A Family Affair

Nariman (b.1905)

Born into a wealthy merchant family in Tabriz, Nariman, grandfather of the Ashkiyoun family, initially trades in dry fruits but later adds further products, among them textiles and rugs.

Gholamali (b.1932)

Nariman’s son, Gholamali, leaves Tabriz for Tehran at the age of twelve after his father’s death. Starting a new life he holds different jobs until he marries the daughter of an affluent family in Ghom. He moves to the city of silk carpets but after a severe illness decides to trade in rugs from his hometown of Tabriz.

Mohammad (b.1968)

Gholamali’s eldest son Mohammad determined to leave the country for the USA, he starts helping his father in the carpet store. While conducting his own research, he falls in love with rugs and shortly after, begins the production of silk rugs, motivated in particular by technical aspects of weaving and especially dyeing innovations. In 1991, the first Ashkiyoun carpet is born.

Reza (b.1973)

In the mid-1990s, Mohammad’s younger brother Reza joins the team at first helping part-time as a student. He brings his knowledge of business management into the company. Reza is now responsible for the production process.

Ali (b.1975)

The youngest brother of three, Ali, is the last to join the company after finishing his military service. He uses his IT skills to move the business into the digital age. Today he runs the design department for the group.


With the combined strengths and expertise of this triumvirate of brothers, the Ashkiyoun Group is surpassing all previously set standards for handwoven rugs and is a shining example for others to follow...